Riko Restaurant

Interior design & Brand development project

Riko restaurant is located in the heart of Getxo at the foot of the iconic suspension bridge of the Biscayan municipality. The aim we set ourselves in the Tres Cinco Uno team, when it came to tackling this design, was to transport the diner to an atmosphere inspired by the classic French bistros but with the industrial feel of the Getxo estuary.

With this concept in mind, a canvas was created in neutral tones on which to contrast and generate synergies between both styles. These points of contrast are provided by subtle details, such as the use of copper-colored elements, the trims of the lamps, the velvet on the chairs and the combinations of fabrics with a Hungarian pointed pattern.

Also noteworthy are the large display cabinets that separate the sets of benches, which serve as exhibitors of unique pieces belonging to handcrafted crockery in La Bisbal, Girona. As well as all the graphic art material that adorns walls and bathrooms, representing drawings of the estuary and Getxo’s exit to it.