Nikko | Sushi Robata

Interior design and brand development project

The Nikko restaurant specialises in Japanese cuisine, so the interior design had to reflect and transport the customer to the Asian continent. For Nikko we wanted to make a Japanese restaurant without resorting to popular clichés, as it was not going to be a sushi and fish only restaurant. It was going to combine sushi and robata, a type of Japanese barbecue.

Always shying away from theming, we opted for Asian minimalism. The idea was to create a very warm atmosphere, more nocturnal than daytime.  We have used dark woods such as walnut and a grey cement texture on the walls. As for the lamps, they can remind us of origami as they are made in a special paper and we have also selected wall lamps inspired by fans. A pattern has been created for the graphic image that has been transferred to the walls with the tiling, a subtle nod to Japanese culture.