Mountain Refuge

Home interior design project

The main objective that Tres Cinco Uno\ team considers when accepting this project, is to adapt the interior design to some very specific needs that the client raises: Converting the space into a home in which to rest after leisure sports. The apartment is located in front of the famous ski slopes of Formigal, Spain.

For this reason, the strategy carried out is to conceptualize housing as a mountain refuge. A comfortable and cozy place to return to after a long day of sport, whether it be summer or winter.

The itself property characteristics require being creative to optimize the space to the maximum and manage to welcome family and friends who will use it. For this, the initial divisions between kitchen, dining room and living room were eliminated, thus opening a unique space. The resulting project is articulated in the form of a kitchenette, dining room and living room.

The result is a useful, comfortable apartment where space is maximized, for example, with the choice of a bench that surrounds the table on which to seat several diners.

For its part, the design of the living room revolves around a black marble fireplace that serves as a focal and gathering element.

At the level of finishes in the interior design project, Belgian oak wood paneling was used combined with artisan tiling to achieve a warm and homey point, mixed with a simple color palette in torn whites and blacks.