Margarito Grill Market Valencia

Interior design project  and development of restaurant brand image

We started from an existing restaurant, with a concept and distribution very different from what the Margarito’s owners wanted for their restaurant in Valencia. Therefore, the projecto by Tres Cinco Uno consisted of redistributing and redesigning 100% interior areas, terrace and façade. Our goal was to create a more modern aesthetic space, with dynamic circulation flows and, taking into account that Margarito Valencia was an evolution of his older brother, Margarito Bilbao, and we had to adapt these concept to its new location.

In any interior design project for restaurants, the gastronomic offer by the restaurant has to be reflected in the environment. Margarito restaurant is a product, it is land, it is km 0, it is real food and  is healthy food. So, we wanted that the interiorism was the transmitter of that philosophy. This is the reason for the color palette used in all the elements. Colors from the earth: ocher, earthy, yellow, with the occasional green brushstroke. In short, colors of the Valencian garden in its various seasons.

A large olive tree welcomes us as soon as we cross the main door. From that moment, we can already perceive that Mediterranean atmosphere that we were looking for. Some planters with more dry vegetation and low bush vegetation guide us into the restaurant, generating a pleasant journey through its entire space, just as the bushes would do on the paths of the Valencian farmlands. All this vegetation helps us to create a natural, fresh environment and to be consistent with the gastronomy of the restaurant.

In addition to the vegetation that decorates the space, we rely on large handmade tapestries in ocher and earth colors to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. A simple and decisive way to treat the walls and continue with our common thread of the Project.

But if something catches the attention of Margarito’s interior design, it is the set of circular mirrors made in order to make a subtle nod to the mirages that were produced in the rice fields of the lagoon in Perellonà times. Achieving infinite reflections of which we are very satisfied.

The walls of the room are also dressed with photographs of aerial views of Valencian fields in the variety of colors of the different seasons of the year. Furthermore, as the fresh products is so important in Margarito’s philosophy, we wanted to pay tribute to it. We also decorate the walls with pics of tubers, lettuces and cabbages.

The pottery pieces that decorate the main room were made by a local sculptor under our artistic direction. The sculptures are inspired by nature and represent germinating seeds, roots and branches.

It was intended to design a versatile space that could be adapted to all types of audiences and various situations. A work or family meal, a meal with friends or a romantic evening. All of them should have and do have a place in this restaurant. Continuous benches were used to different table configurations, facing benches for more intimate meals, round tables and semi-circular benches complete a more dynamic space for meals with friends and family.