Hundred Burgers Micer Mascó

Interior design project

Hundred Burgers restaurant started with a first location in Valencia designed by themselves. When they contacted us, their main objective was to transmit with the design the values of the brand, starting from the space already designed and modifying those aspects that were further away from the style they wanted Hundred to have.

Thus, the project that was carried out was to bring the values of the brand, an American college aesthetic, taking as a reference the hamburger joints and restaurants in the California area. Highlighting the use of wood and white color. As for the atrezzo, elements were chosen to give a touch of American fraternity.

Another intervention was a change in the bar area. Due to its dual function for the staff and for the collection of home orders, a bar was converted into a central axle. For this, any trace of a board menu or anything that could remind us of a fast food restaurant was eliminated. Therefore, a series of shelves were generated with a bottle rack style that frames the bar and helps its new uses.

As for the rest of the establishment, another of the improvements that were made was to hide the acoustic ceiling. For this purpose, a pattern of wooden slats painted in white was designed to round off the entire space. On the other hand, to take advantage of the double height of the premises, and enhance those parts where the ceiling is lower, a strip was designed around this double height. Simulating windows with mirrors and wooden curtains half lowered to give amplitude to the space.

On the facade and terrace, a continuation of the design of the interior of the premises has been carried out, with the use of wood and metal. In addition, separating carts with large plants have been created to divide the areas within the terrace itself.