Restaurant Interior Design project

Foodoo restaurant, located in Valencia, is the first finished project for the Foodoo group, a Spanish recognized group of restaurant, with eateries in Bilbao, San Sebastián and Madrid. All of them with a very clear gastronomic concept in common: food with Mediterranean flavours, fresh, unpretentious and full of quality. Until now, its interior design and brand image, too rigid and blue, did not reflect its values. Reversing this situation was our goal. Align and refresh the image of this successful restaurants concept through a reinterpretation of its interior design and corporate image. And all this can be replicated in the different geometries and spaces of the other locations.

We wanted to achieve a welcoming and amazing experience without intimidating the visitor. For this, the interior design oscillates between to be recognizable and homely, and to be stimulating and special. We bet for a mixture of country and industrial styles to create a warm and spring space according to Foodoo’s food.

Stained pine wood walls to got a warm space, as opposed to the metal beams that run through the ceiling and divide the spaces. All this in an atmosphere of powerful, solid and striking colors where yellow and lime green stand out. More sober colors are chosen for the lamps, conceived as large shades of various shapes, in more vulnerable materials such as wood or cardboard. The fresh and youthful point is given by the fabrics used in the backs of the seats: striped fabrics in cold colors and leather.

One of the most distinctive and striking elements of Foodoo’s interior design is a perimeter planter that hugs all the walls of the space. Placed above a wooden frieze, it can function as a gigantic perimeter lamp using LED. Other elements that invite the people to fixate his gaze in are the façade and the bar. Both of them in yellow tile pieces.

We wanted to design different spaces and environments to cover all needs, desires and demands of the client, in order to provide a satisfactory Foodoo experience. In this way, there are different areas. The large green metal birdhouses are one of them. They act as small individual dining rooms and are an ideal space for small groups. More intimate environments were also created, as well as other more public and bright areas next to the windows; a shared table for quick visits and spaces for sitting a large groups joining  continuous benches.