Claroscuro Restaurant

Interior design and visual identity

Claroscuro restaurant is located at Velázquez Street and Serrano Street intersection, two of the busiest arteries in the popular Salamanca district in Madrid. The Tres Cinco uno\’s goals with this project was to reinvent the informal bar culture and generate a new classic that could coexist with the more traditional side of the capital.

To do this, the strategy adopted is to open the restaurant to the street. Through the use of large awnings, and a deep garnet carpentry in screen shape, a sort of porch is generated where the stools and high tables transport the purest bar culture. This strategy, in addition, allows opening and colonizing one of the busiest streets in Spain.

Once you leave the bar area behind, the experience is lived through constant contrasts. The sum of traditional materials, inspired by the classics of Madrid’s brutalist architecture, and the mirrors set and dividers, which generate dining rooms of different sitting types, are the most representative features of Claroscuro’s interior design.

In addition, the interior design project was complemented by the design of the visual identity and brand image. In Tres Cinco Uno\ this language of contrasts was also used for the branding. The confrontation of a complementary palette of red and green colours, and the use of the central “O” of the restaurant’s name as an icon and isotype, are the characteristic elements of the visual image of the Claroscuro brand.