Casa Bassa Restaurant

The project consists of a Boutique Hotel with 24 rooms and a gastronomic restaurant on the ground floor located in the city of Valencia.


The interior design concept, in this case, we imagined it in line with the maritime environment and its local situation, taking Valencia as the central axis. With regard to the choice of materials, we have opted for natural elements that we can see on the Mediterranean coastline and specifically in the capital of the Valencian Community. A complete intervention has been carried out. Starting with an architectural zoning of spaces, the treatment of all the façades and then the interior design of the restaurant and hotel. The aim was to convey the artistic and contemporary vision of a Mediterranean space through the use of natural and fresh materials, colours and textures. To achieve this, the starting point was a division of the space by means of large arches painted in white.

These rest on a central area destined for cupboards, tiled in the green tone chosen as one of the predominant colours in the main palette. Although it is true that there is no separation by zones, the aim was to create ambiences in which diners have their own space and feel comfortable. Another of the characteristic aspects of this project is its location.

The restaurant is on the seafront and connects with Valencia’s seafront promenade. Undoubtedly, this was a factor that had to be enhanced, so we looked for a way to connect the restaurant’s terrace with its interior. The entire project is articulated through the use of tiling, stucco, checkerboard and natural wood. All of these materials are typical of the area and typical Valencian architecture.

As for the choice of lighting, we have opted for lamps with natural materials that in turn provide volume and movement to the space. Some of them were designed and manufactured exclusively for the project. The colour palette was inspired by the Mediterranean coast. We wanted a singular colour that would escape from the usual blue, so we opted for a bottle green. Combined in turn with different shades of white and dark cauldron.

Another of the elements to highlight and which are representative of this restaurant are the large plates made ad hoc for the project. These works of art are inspired by and evoke the Mediterranean Sea. Each piece is one and a half metres in diameter and is placed on a structure of wooden slats. We opted for this resource because we wanted an element that was representative and, in addition, it is typical of the Valencian Community to hang plates as a work of art and part of the decoration of homes. However, it was decided to go further and give the concept another twist by rescaling it and personalising it with motifs from the seabed.