Cala Comte House

Architecture and interior design intervention

Interior design project based on an architectural volume given by the client. Urban planning of exterior areas of the house and study of façade and hollow materials were also carried out.

El cliente nos pide que diseñemos una casa para vivir y disfrutar durante todo el año, con familiares y amigos. Con este deseo en mente, el objetivo era maximizar los espacios comunes y preparar rincones especiales para vivir y pasar tiempo juntos todo el año.

On the house’s ground, we wanted to give full openness to the outside with a double space articulated by the vertical communication core. This plant was also treated by opening wide gaps, creating a joint interior-exterior, extending the living room and kitchen to the garden and to the water area.

One of the most relevant and beautiful features of the interior design of the house, was to maximize the house’s incredible views. From all the rooms you can enjoy the views of the Ibiza’s natural landscape and Es Vedrá’s island. In fact, since we accepted the project, we knew that the amazing views were going to play an especially important role in the creative process.

In addition, in the house’s interior design project, all kinds of utilities were also designed. From a gym to a small movie theater.