Bravo Restaurant

Interior design and brand development project

Bravo restaurant is located at the beginning of Avenida Diagonal, one of the most important streets in Barcelona.

The initial concept of the project was to try to make the diner who visits the restaurant feel all the tradition of the Mediterranean villages without necessarily being close to the sea.

To transport us to this atmosphere, we used traditional elements of Mediterranean architecture. We were inspired by the farmhouses of the Balearic Islands, the masserias of southern Italy, the Catalan farmhouses and the Andalusian farmhouses.

Three clearly differentiated areas

The first, a terrace full of flowers and country plants. Garlic, rosemary, lavender and a large pergola, made with Alicante-style shutters, take centre stage in the space. The furniture in this area is made of wood, and combines copper and natural tones in its upholstery. All of this is illuminated by handmade lamps made of braided wicker.

From this entrance we enter the second part of the restaurant, a large porch surrounded by cauldron-coloured windows and presided over by a large sculpture designed and created ad hoc, representing a cap roig. Possibly the most emblematic fish in Catalan gastronomy.

Around it, elements that pay tribute to key pieces of traditional Mediterranean architecture float in a space of neutral tones. From old oil jars, now converted into lamps, to enormous glass boxes containing bunches of preserved wild plants.

The upholstery of the sofas is made of Mediterranean Mallorcan-style fabrics. The chairs are made of wood and plaited straw.

The third and last part of the restaurant is accessed through arches tiled with antique pieces, where dividers made of antique pine wood and carved glass create small lounges where you can enjoy your meal in a more private way.