La Brasserie de Elene

Interior design & branding

La Brasserie de Elene is a restaurant that fuses traditional Mediterranean cuisine with the best quality ingredients, creating a menu that reminds us of the typical Mediterranean flavours in every bite. The concept of the restaurant stems from the idea of creating a varied menu for a family audience while transmitting the origins of this cuisine.

In the same way, the aim is to develop a design and a brand image that will later be established in different cities around the world, so, although changes and adaptations will be made, the aim is to create a product that is iconic and easily replicable. For this reason, the resources chosen are easy to adapt and recognisable.

For them, combinations of oak wood flooring and cobalt blue tiling have been used, a marked rhythm is achieved on the walls by means of a grid of oak wood and raffia interior, and the ceiling is worked with stucco. The interior design is thus clear, concise and comprehensible for everyone, but at the same time elegant and Mediterranean.

All the materials used are natural and typical of the Mediterranean. Some of the most common are: clay, oak, raffia and stucco. Materials that bring clarity to the space, spaciousness and that in combination with cobalt blue are very recognisable.

On the other hand, as far as the premises are concerned, La Brasserie de Elene has 250m² divided into two rooms. The design, in both rooms, is conceived to simulate small rooms where the client has intimacy, privacy and can feel as comfortable as possible. For the division of these spaces, floor-to-ceiling shelves have been created, decorated with props that reinforce the Mediterranean concept.

As for the lighting, three styles of lamps have been designed, two in white and one in raffia, located above the round tables. As for the bathroom area, we have chosen to give them a differentiating touch by continuing with the cobalt blue tiling that covers the walls and combining it with the cauldron colour.