Bobby’s Gourmet Barbecue

Restaurant interior design project and image brand development

With the Booby’s Gourmet Barbecue’s interior design, in Bilbao, we wanted to highlight a specific food style and cuisine: the authentic American barbecue, but breaking the established topics that always surround the yankee gastronomy. To do this, our strategy is to try to avoid, in all applications, the classic American style that has been applied in the interior design of well-known diner and hamburger franchises, in recent years.

For this, an industrial and casual look is used, but, actually, all the Project elements was carefully designed in detail. Always kept in mind, the needs to adapt the space to the different clients who visit the restaurant. For this reason, the space is structured by large benches covered with white rasilla, that allow the formation of tables for big groups. Subspaces are generated by large glass racks and backlit as well.

The powerful Bobby’s restaurant entrance is one of the restaurant’s most successful spots. On one hand, a bar that emulates being a large fridge. And in the other, an imposing wine rack full of bottles, labels of which are designed to be 100% integrated into  the restaurant tonality. And finally, the client is welcomed by one of the two imposing yellow murals that preside the walls of the restaurant. The hand-painted murals have one goal: to enhance the restaurant’s raw materials in an abstract and elegant way.

Tres Cinco Uno is also responsible for the restaurant’s visual identity. To do this, it was decided to look for a color palette not associated with fast food. A fresh and own color palette The same applies to the tone used in their communication: a festive vocabulary associated with this type of gastronomic partys. The result is a casual brand image, with a flag-shaped logo reminiscent of the originals used in many of these celebrations.