Bimani Barcelona

interior design project

Our latest retail project and the first shop of Bimani the Madrid-based brand in Barcelona. The objective was clear: to be the brand’s home in Barcelona.

To do this we decided to use all the classic modernist elements of Barcelona’s Eixample and design a typical modernist house in which the product would be displayed through its different rooms. And so we designed the layout: an entrance hall, a living room, a corridor, a patio and the bedrooms, which would fulfil the double function of dressing room and home office. Hydraulic flooring and original treated ceilings; unique pieces such as the marble table and restored pieces such as the doors and windows that give access to the dressing room area.

A warm and homely shop to make customers feel important and at home. This was the claim that Laura Corsini proposed for her first E-Shop and home in Barcelona.