Beach Apartment

Home interior design project

The refurbishment of the house located in front of the beach of Sopelana is strongly conditioned by the attractiveness of its location and its impressive views.

The entire front of this house is exposed towards the beach, so the strategy followed consists of designing a fresh and pleasant space that frames the views.

In the creative process followed to carry out the interior design of this house, Gio Ponti’s style is always very present, who is a great source of inspiration for the Tres Cinco Uno team. In addition, the mix of white, blue and earthy colours creates an inspiring and summery atmosphere.

The flat is completely covered with white gloss lacquered wood. This allows the living space to widen and the limits of the flat to become blurred.

In counterpoint to this neutrality of the project is the design of the bathroom cores: green and blue toneless tiles combined with large solid pieces of marble used in the showers and washbasins. A space perceived with a watery effect that simulates the bottom of the sea.