Almanac X Alcron Prague

Hotel Almanac X Alcron Prague is a historic building located in the city centre of Prague. Inside it houses a wide variety of spaces. These include 204 rooms, a cafeteria, meeting rooms and a spa, among others.


The concept behind the design is the city itself. Prague as a starting point. The beautiful European city is a sea of references, which have served as inspiration and a key element in the creation of the interior design.

Specifically, its characteristic architecture is one of the most important aspects in the development of the concept. Another very identifiable feature of the city, which serves as inspiration, are the different colours of the façades of the city’s buildings.

Since it is a historic building, the intervention had to coexist with the protected Art Deco elements. With this in mind, the proposal for the rooms is a combination of materials, colours and textures that coexist perfectly with the existing elements. This gives rise to rooms with different typologies depending on the finishes used.

Thus, the greenish blue tone is chosen to generate a decorative skirting board, which gives elegance to the space. Oak wood was chosen for the flooring, and a herringbone pattern was chosen.

For the design of the cupboards, the wood is painted in the same greenish blue tone, and they are finished off with large handles made ad-hoc. This ensures that all the furniture is integrated and forms part of the elegance of the overall ambience. Avoiding elements that may be discordant.

As for the rest of the furniture, black wood has been chosen for the tables in contrast with the large sofa in the form of a divan, upholstered in white.

For the headboard, the materials chosen are leather and it has been complemented with a large classic bevelled mirror, to recall the classic atmosphere of the ensemble.

For the design of the bathrooms, the decision was made to create a space that would create a contrast with the rooms. For this reason, a minimalist and simplistic style was chosen.

Another of the areas in which work has been carried out is the Elias cafeteria. This is the place most linked to the exterior and open to any visitor to the hotel, regardless of whether or not he or she is a guest. For this reason, the aim was to create a luminous and welcoming space. Here the choice of colours are honey tones that generate a continuous flow of light, combined with oak wood and handmade tiling. The result is an immersive space that evokes the golden tones of the Art Deco style.

On the ground floor, the number of protected elements is smaller, so the action is based on generating a series of elements that, far from seeking to imitate the existing ones, coexist harmoniously.

Based on this idea, the lobby is designed as a large artistic installation where the backdrops are covered with curtains from which works of art are hung, selected specifically with local artists.

For the furniture in this space, pieces have been chosen to complement the scene with their light colours and terracottas. The large work of art that presides over the lobby is by the artist Lucie Jindrak Skrivankova, created exclusively to decorate this area of the hotel.